Give Australian insurance providers the first and last bite

First and last bite

We’re all familiar with the push to support Australian-made products and services. 

Well, maybe it’s time to think about supporting Australian-owned motor fleet insurance providers. 

Australian insurance providers offer extremely high quality products. 
In most cases, there is no practical difference between their products and those offered by international providers.

A key difference, however, is that the profits of domestic insurance providers stay right here in Australia. 

And that means more jobs and greater job security, two items in short supply at the moment. 

It is estimated that for every additional $1 million of premiums placed with a domestic insurance provider, 1.3 jobs are created. 

As a broker, you have the opportunity to direct hundreds of millions of dollars in premiums towards supporting Australian insurance providers.

Here’s how you can help: Give Fleetsure – a 100% Australian owned and backed business – the first bite at your business.

If the pricing is similar, then ask your client if they would prefer to support an Australian or international business. 

We are confident that nearly all of your clients would opt to support an Australian business in these challenging times.

Or, if you already have more competitive terms from an international insurer, then give Fleetsure or another Australian insurance provider another bite at the business.

Supporting Australian insurance providers isn’t just good for our mutual businesses – it’s good for Australia.


Yours sincerely,

The Fleetsure Team